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VoiceXP is a voice recognition program for Windows
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VoiceXP is a voice recognition program for Windows. It allows the user to dictate commands by using microphone to the computer and have it perform various operations when one of the commands is recognized. The application comes with a list of 4 commands already configured. It is up to you to add new ones. Commands are configured by typing an "activation word" and defining a file to be executed, along with some arguments. So, for example, the first command in the application is "lock", which locks your system to the user login window whenever activated. There is also a "close" command which closes the active window. If you look at the arguments on the third window at the bottom of the application, you will see that the argument is %F4. I am thinking that "%" enables hotkeys (in this case calling for the key "Alt."). So, when you dictate "close", the application executes Alt+F4.
By default, VoiceXP is sent to the system tray area, where it remains active. I have noticed that when running (both actively and on the system tray area), the application often locks the system for no apparent reason. Maybe, it is mistaking the sound produced by the keystrokes of my keyboard for the word "lock" as if I were saying it. I know it sounds weird, but I don't see any other reason why the system would get locked out of the blue like that. Out of the 4 commands that come with the application, I could only make "close" and "lock" work; "google" and "internet" (which are the other 2 commands that come preloaded with VoiceXP) weren't recognized at all.

José Fernández
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  • Can be customized thoroughly to perform various operations


  • Not the easiest app to use
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